Chris Harris Jr. Calls Gronk The Hardest Cover In The League


Yesterday, Broncos’ cornerback, Chris Harris Jr., published a piece on The Player’s Tribune listing the five hardest guys he’s had to cover in the NFL.

There were the guys who we expected, Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, DeAndre Hopkins, and T.Y. Hilton, but the top guy wasn’t.

According to Chris Harris Jr., Rob Gronkowski is the hardest receiver to cover in the NFL.




(Check out the whole piece at Awesome read.)

Since January of 2015, all we’ve heard is junk about the Patriots. Everyone hates ’em. No one else loves ’em. They’ve been accused of cheating, they’ve been accused of everything. We, as Patriots fans, don’t really care, but to hear the opposite is nice.

Last week we had the football community swooning over Bill Belichick. We had an anonymous coach say Tom Brady was going to murder the league. And now we’ve got a top-flight cornerback calling Rob Gronkowski the hardest guy to cover in the entire NFL.

The statement isn’t surprising, he’s 6’6″/265LB, runs a 4.68 40, has great hands, a huge catch radius, and punishes defenders with ease, but the truth behind it isn’t the most fun part of this.

It’s that a guy from a rival team gave huge ups to a guy on our team. It’s that DeflateGate is over and the Patriots can be respected again. They went from constantly getting ethered by everyone else to being showered with praise, and I could get used to it.

Go Pats.



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