According To The NFL Network, Andy Reid Is A Better Head Coach Than Bill Belichick

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

If J. Cole is actually selling dope, I think I found his best customers.

To be completely honest, I have no idea what’s going on here. I haven’t seen the full video that this screengrab was taken from, I don’t know what Maurice Jones-Drew and Heath Evans said about it, I’ve been given no context at all.

Fortunately, I need no context. In no scenario should a graphic like this be displayed on national television.   I don’t care if this was a joke. I don’t care if the NFL Network is stirring the pot to retain viewership because those damn millennials are killing their ratings.  Hell, I don’t care if there was someone holding the show’s producer at gunpoint, forcing him to run this graphic, it simply should not have reached the airwaves.

Andy Reid is not a better head coach than Bill Belichick. Andy Reid is not better than Bill Belichick at anything. Outside of being a football coach, Andy Reid has nothing in common with Bill Belichick. BB is a savant, a guru, a true genius. Andy Reid is none of those things. In fact, some would argue he’s the exact opposite. While Bill Belichick orchestrates championship-winning drive after championship-winning drive, Andy Reid let’s the final minutes of the Super Bowl run off the clock in order to let his quarterback vomit all over the field of play.

The bottom line is, I never want to see something like this again. It’s inaccurate, not funny and frankly, it’s borderline slanderous.

Go Pats.

UPDATE: I just watched the video in question. Maurice Jones-Drew mentioned some bullshit about Andy Reid’s Week 1 record and his record when having extra time to prepare for a team. I wish I cared. There is no valid justification for something this stupid.





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