ATTENTION: We Are One Week From Patriots Football


In seven days, we will wake up ready.

It doesn’t matter that the team doesn’t play until 8:30. I promise that Patriots fans across the country will wake up and have one thing on their mind, and that’s football.

The games throughout the day will hold us over, but they will not be enough. We will not be completely satisfied until we see that first kickoff in Arizona.

Once that happens, we’ll be back.

Patriots fans, the best in the country, will be back.

Football season flips a switch in our brains, but it’s not the same for others.

Other fans become degenerates. They yell, they act like idiots, they’re stereotypical football fans.

Not us. We are different. Obviously there’s some sentiments of superiority fueling this, but it’s true.

Deflategate galvanized us. It brought us together.

Because of it, there is no fanbase more loyal. We’re prepared to fight tooth and nail for it, and that’s been proven. In the past two years, no one, literally, no one, has gotten away with slandering the Patriots. Everytime something’s been said, they’ve gotten ethered.

It’s probably idiotic to be like this. Football is a game. It’s really not life or death.

But that message will not get through our heads. We live and die with everything this team does and they get that.

Yesterday, when Tom Brady’s ludicrous suspension went into effect, the Patriots did this

No words necessary. We know.

That’s #12. Our quarterback. Watching over Gillette Stadium.

The Free Brady movement was created by fans, by us. Our team recognizes that. And they act upon it.

An organization like the Patriots doesn’t seem like one to join with their fans. They’ve been so closed off, so secluded, and so successful, it doesn’t seem like they’d appreciate their fans to this extent.

But they do. That’s why we love them. That’s why we’ll wake up in one week, ready, not only for one game, but for another five months of supporting this team like our lives depend on it.
Go Pats.

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