Brady Is Back


I don’t need to tell you what today is.

You know.

Since the middle of the summer, you’ve known exactly what October 9th, 2016 would bring: our quarterback.

After almost two years of DeflateGate, it’s dead. #12 didn’t pursue the case in the Supreme Court, nor did the NFLPA. All legal proceedings are over with. The only thing left is football.

But for four weeks, even that was marred.

One month. For one whole month we didn’t have Tom Brady because of DeflateGate. Because Roger Goodell is judge, jury, and executioner, he took our quarterback.

Sure, it worked out. 3-1 with a backup/third-string combo isn’t too bad, but it wasn’t the same. Not without Brady.

But today, he’s back. He’s back and he’s coming for blood.

We’ve heard all the quotes. Whether it’s Max Kellerman predicting his demise, or opposing coaches saying he’ll kill them all, we’ve heard everything said about Brady.  Some of it has pissed me off. Some of it has pumped me up. Doesn’t matter, though. It’s white noise now.

Nothing said or done before this point matters.

With their quarterback at the helm, the New England Patriots’ season starts today.

When Tom Brady walks out onto that field, the gates of hell open. The second revenge tour begins and Tom Brady will be ruthless.

Even though it’s not the opposing players’ fault that he served a suspension, they will pay the price. It’s going to be bad. Real bad. And it starts today.

I’m scared for the Cleveland Browns. Such a trash organization that has to deal with this. It doesn’t matter that Brady hasn’t played in a month, or that he was hanging out in Italy just two weeks ago, the Browns are victim #1 and will be treated as such.

I don’t need to get into the X’s and O’s of this one or tell you Brady’s going to have a great impact. We’re all Patriots fans, we know that. I’m just here to warn you, because what you’re going to see today could be ugly. We’ll love it in New England, however I can assure you, the target will be placed right back on our backs from here on out.

But if we’re being honest? I kinda like it.

Go Pats.


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