Brady’s Back. Pats Dominate. *Yawns*


Jabaal Sheard showed up to the stadium looking like this today and I knew it was pretty sure this would be an ugly one.

Turns out I was right.

The Browns suck and Tom Brady did what he does.

28-40 for 406YD & 3TD was the type of performance I expected from him. The guy’s the greatest to ever do it. Does it matter that he missed four weeks? No. He’s Tom Brady.

Also he did this, which was awesome.

But it wasn’t just him who dominated.

Martellus Bennett caught six balls for 67 yards and three touchdowns.

And Gronk racked up 109 yards on five catches, his first time eclipsing the century mark this season.

Besides that, I don’t have too much to say about this one. I wholeheartedly expected this.

But if I have to have one takeaway, it’s to watch out for these tight ends. You just saw the numbers. You know Marty and Gronk are incredible. If they can stay healthy and keep this going, they’ll steamroll the rest of the NFL, so look out.

Go Pats.


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