Cameron Fleming Hit With $18K Fine For Leg Whip


Just days ago, Bill Belichick praised Cameron Fleming for his effort against the Arizona Cardinals. Belichick, a man of few words, went as far as to say Fleming did a “great job filling in for Nate Solder.”

Unfortunately, the National Football League felt differently.

Yesterday, the NFL dropped an $18K fine on Fleming for performing an illegal leg whip during Week 1’s game.

Eventually, the fine was decreased to $8,824 due to Fleming’s salary & his (comparative) financial limitations. However, he is still expected to appeal, and for good reason.

Let’s take a look at the alleged “leg whip”

(Just for reference, the action in question takes place between the 35 & 30 yard lines.)

Okay, so now that you’ve watched that a couple of times, you’ve got to be befuddled. That play does not deserved to get fined.

According to the NFL Rulebook a leg whip is defined as “using the foot or any part of the leg to strike an opponent with a whipping motion.” Now, while he may have contacted the defender with his legs, there was no leg whip there.

It’s obvious that he was trying to cut the defender off his feet, a legal technique on a run play. The Arizona defender did exactly what he’s supposed to, drive Fleming into the ground and try to get around the block. Because he went under (behind) Fleming, though, instead of over (in front of) him, he had to deal with his legs. If the defender put Fleming down and continued up the field, rather than backwards down it, there’s no leg contact at all. And even with what contact did occur, there were minimal consequences. The defender stumbled, put his hands down to regain balance, and continued on. No harm, no foul.

Yet, Fleming still faces a fine.

I’m probably contradicting what I’ve said in the past in regards to Patriots being fined, but this feels like the NFL is nitpicking. They set New England up to lose on a big stage, but they didn’t, and now the league needs to put them back in their place. Sound familiar?

goodell-clown (Yup.)

After playing a solid game in the season opener, Cam Fleming should be focusing on possibly starting against a formidable Dolphins’ defensive line, not some ludicrous punishment.

As I said, Fleming plans to appeal the fine, and he should. He performed a legal football play, not a leg whip, and is being punished for it. That doesn’t fly. But it’s stuff like this that’ll make the Revenge Tour 2.0 so much sweeter.

Go Pats.