Carson Palmer Has Made An Enemy In New England


On the same day one franchise quarterback praised Tom Brady, another went after him.

Read this piece by Tom E. Curran before you continue. (Link here)

Ok. So now you’ve read it and you’re angry. That’s understandable because this is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard come from a football player’s mouth.

I don’t even want to get that far into this because it’ll just piss me off, and I’ve been angry about this for almost two years.

But come on Carson Palmer.

It’s been laid out so many ways that the NFL’s handling of this was absolutely horrendous. They chose a target, Tom Brady, performed a witch hunt, DeflateGate, and drove a knife straight into the hearts of a player, a team, and a fanbase. All because the CBA said they could.

It’s pretty bizarre to me that a player would take the league’s side in this. I actually do not understand it. It’s plain to see that everything, from the investigation, to the punishment, to the court cases, were all fishy. And it’s been proven that weather most definitely had an effect on the air pressure in the footballs, not some guy who brought them “where they weren’t supposed to be.”

For Palmer to say that he’s talked to a bunch of guys and they all agree is misleading too. Did he not see all of the support, and guys who have spoken out against what happened to Brady?

Since the suspension came down in May of 2015, players ranging from Drew Brees to Tiki Barber to Josh Gordon and a ton of others have come out in support of Tom Brady. They’ve all denounced Roger Goodell and what he did.

Apparently Carson Palmer doesn’t agree with them though. Probably because he’s boys with Pete Carroll. Or maybe because he’s trash in the playoffs and will never win a championship.

Go Pats.


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