Check Out The New Patriots Color Rush Uniforms

Philip Tor | Patriots Militia

Today the Patriots released these new color rush uniforms which they will be wearing on their Thursday Night Football game against the Texans on September 22nd.

So I don’t know about you guys but I’m a uniform guy. I love to see teams put out new uniforms or themed uniforms, I just love it. The Patriots haven’t released a new uniform since 2003 and that was the one they wear today. As much as I love those uniforms, these things are just awesome. Essentially the only thing changing is the shoulder pads, but I think they still look pretty sick. It’d be better if they could wear a different helmet with them, but ya know rules and stuff.


I saw this picture on twitter like 3 years ago saying that the patriots should make these the uniforms, and man did that guy NAIL the design. Literally the exact same jersey.

Now I guess I will have to wait another 13 years until I see these bad boys on the shelves in the pro shop, but it’ll be worth the wait


Uniform change complete, now they just have to release logo and I will be so happy (also from twitter)


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