Could the Patriots Sign Former Giant Victor Cruz?

Philip Tor | Pats Militia

Pretty interesting scenario here. Victor Cruz was an animal when he first burst onto the scene with the Giants. I remember watching HBO’s Hard Knocks training camp when they were following Rex Ryan and the Jets, and Cruz lit up those sorry mofo’s for 3 TD’s in his first NFL appearance.

In 2011 and 2012 Cruz was Eli Manning’s go to guy, catching a combined 168 passes for 2,628 yard and 19 TD’s. He also was a key factor on the Giants team that bested the Patriots in Super Bowl, catching a TD pass in the first quarter.

Cruz has battled through some rough injuries the past few years, but returned this year to have a quiet, but productive season. He caught 39 passes for just under 600 yards, but only caught one touchdown. He was for the most part outplayed by emerging young WRs Sterling Shepard and Dwayne Harris.


If Cruz is completely healthy and ready to play on another team the questions that stands is: Will the Patriots take a chance on Cruz? Would he even fit into the system? Can he produce after all he’s been through?

My answers are Yes (I Hope) Yes and Yes

Even though Cruz has had major surgeries and injury problems, we see people who come back from a lot worse in the NFL. Dion Lewis is a prime example of that. After 2 ACL tears, a broken leg and a slew of other problems he has been a monster in a Pats uniform. The wild card is the money. The Patriots already have a lot of other contracts to tend to before Cruz would even cross Bill’s mind. If Cruz did wait for a phone call from New England, would they be able to work out a reasonable contract? This is the biggest case against the idea.

I chuckled like a 7 year old girl when i pictured the things Tom Brady and Victor Cruz could do together. Just imagine the salsa at Gillette 

…electric. By far my favorite TD celly other than the Gronk spike of course.

Line him up in the slot, outside the numbers, in the backfield even. Cruz is so dangerous when he gets into the open field, and if he were to establish himself in a Josh McDaniels run offense? game over folks. The only downside to this possibility is the Patriots already have an aging receiving core. Edelman and Amendola are going to be 30 next season, and Hogan will be 29. Cruz just turned 30 this year, so would Belichick be willing to add another old body to an established cast of WR’s?

Even though I do believe Victor Cruz has got something left in the tank and he will produce for whatever team he plays with next season, the Patriots might not be the best fit for him right now. This may change depending on what Bill does with the team this offseason, but with the current roster I don’s see much of an opportunity to be that star player he was with the Giants.

I wish former UMasshole Victor Cruz good luck in his future, without a New England uniform on.


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