Dion Lewis on Pace to Make Season Debut Sunday

Philip Tor | Pats Militia

After much speculation it seems as if Dion Lewis will make his long awaited return to the Patriots this Sunday, as they take on the Seattle Seahawks in a rematch of Super Bowl XLIX.

The Patriots have until Saturday at 4:00 PM to make the final decision on Lewis, but all signs are pointing towards him making his season debut.


This is an interesting time to activate Lewis, who hasn’t played a snap since tearing his ACL week 9 of last season against the Washington Redskins. Since his unfortunate injury, RB James White has become the premiere passing down option in the backfield, and has had great success filling that role, and with the way LeGarette Blount is torching opposing defenses, some people think it will be hard to find room in the backfield for Lewis.



Bill Belichick was adamant that White will not lose his snaps because of the return of Dion Lewis.

“I think James White is a good player. What he does is good. Could somebody do it better? I don’t know. But it would take quite a bit, I would say, based on where he is and how consistent he’s been with what he’s done,” Belichick said. “It would take somebody playing pretty good to be better than him.”

I have to agree with the move by Bill. A football team sitting at 7-1, obviously has a pretty good rhythm and game-plan going on. I don’t know how the addition of Dion Lewis would affect the situation the Patriots have going right now.

In my opinion adding yet another weapon to Brady’s arsenal can only bring good things. Lewis proved to be a reliable target last year, making a huge impact on the team in just 9 games before getting hurt.

The counter argument would be that taking away touches from the two backs that have already put in work this year. Yet upon closer examination of the offense, people can see that there is a role for Dion Lewis.

LeGarrette Blount cannot take every single 1st and 2nd down snap in the game, he just can’t. You also don’t want to wear out James White so you can send him on routes out of the backfield. Lewis can add an extra layer of depth and protection in case something were to in fact happen down the stretch. Also, you seriously think that having these moves in the backfield is a bad thing? (above) If anyone thinks this situation is actually a problem, this must be the best problem to have. Knowing that no matter what you have three great running backs next to Tom Brady must be the best feeling in the world for a head coach. For anyone who may still be nervous about Lewis’s injury history, just look at the Patriots past injury history. Belichick never rushes players back into action, the medical staff has done their job and now its time to see what Lewis can do.

Although some fantasy owners may be pretty pissed, all that matters is that Dion Lewis will help the Patriots win more football games.

Seriously though, the Seattle Seahawks better buckle up and keep both their hands and legs inside the cart at all times, cause the Patriots are about to take them for a bumpy ride.

Pats fans, (–>)



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