Edelman Carves Up Bears’ D Amidst More Fighting


Super Bowl hero? Take a seat.

Everyone else? You can sit too.  

Reading and seeing stuff like this brings a smile to my face. Julian Edelman knows he’s better than some scrub defensive backs from Chicago and he’s gonna prove it. I guarantee he let every defender know they just got toasted too. That’s just Edelman. We love it, everyone else hates it. And yes I know there were no defenders in that video, but it’s ok, they were on the sidelines nursing some sore egos.

Edelman Bicep

But not everything was perfect for the Pats today.

For the second day in a row, there were fights on the practice field. Edelman was the victim of a late hit from Harold Jones-Quartey. Bears wideout Josh Bellamy ripped Devin McCourty’s helmet off. And Bryan Stork was ejected for going after John Timu.

Malcolm Butler’s fight yesterday raised some eyebrows, but Stork’s was stunning. Not the fact that he was fighting, but that he started it. Based on all accounts, Timu walked through Stork and he went ballistic.

Definitely not the Patriot Way on display there. I like the fire in Stork, but Pats players starting fights is unsettling. Obviously there’s no real consequences for it now, but in-game, there are. Until something happens in a game, though, I’ll take this with a grain of salt. Tomorrow is the last day of joint practices and the Bears leave Thursday. Once they’re gone, these storyline die.

On a separate note, Nate Ebner returned to practice today. Not in pads, but nonetheless, there.

Gronk was not present today, but as we reported earlier, the injury he suffered yesterday was minor and he should be back in no time.

Go Pats.


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