Emergency Blog: Trump Claims Brady/Belichick Endorsement

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia


Yeah so what the fuck is going on here?

Donald Trump just got on stage in Manchester, New Hampshire and dropped this nuclear bomb. Said Tom Brady called him to tell him he voted for him, and then read a letter from Belichick with a ringing endorsement.

Both guys certainly have every right to vote for Trump, and if they did, so be it. But still, what’s going on?

The connections between Trump and Brady have been apparent for a long time, between the rounds of golf, the hat in the locker, and the “locker room talk” question earlier in the season, but this is the most un-Patriot like thing to do.

For a team that stays mum about literally everything to come out with a public endorsement of the most polarizing presidential candidate in this country’s history in the middle of the season is very, very out-of-character. This is going to throw them right back in the mud they just got out of after almost two years of DeflateGate. Obviously this won’t merit league punishment or anything, but for Belichick and Brady, two of the most secretive people in the world, to do something which would bring so much non-football attention just doesn’t make sense.

That’s why I doubt this whole thing is real. Sure, there are connections, but that’s the extent of it. Brady’s been quiet about Trump since last year; to think he’d allow this phone call to be disclosed publicly while next week’s opponent is playing on national television is idiotic.

It’s the same in the case of Belichick, too. For the entirety of his coaching career, the guy has mentioned zero things that don’t involve football. In fact, with the exception of him mentioning the gift for his granddaughter a couple of weeks ago, I can not remember him talking about anything besides the upcoming opponent.

Also, the quote “you have dealt with an unbelievably slanted media and negative media and come out beautifully.”? Come on. I know I’m just a fan and don’t know Bill Belichick on a personal level, but there’s no way he wrote those words. Absolutely no way.

I know those reading this will think I’m writing this, and have these opinions solely because I’m a diehard Pats’ fan, and I can’t lie, they’re partially correct. Everyone knows the strength of my feelings for this team. I’m obviously going to be biased, but even if I weren’t a New Englander who loves the Patriots, I think it’d be plain for me to see what this is, and what this isn’t. It’s Donald Trump pandering to the locals for last minute votes, not a public endorsement from the greatest coach/quarterback combination of all time.

Plus, we’ve got this logistical issue with the claim that Brady already voted for the Donald.

As Doug Kyed of NESN said, someone’s not being truthful.

And then there’s this, too.

So, yeah.

Go Pats.

(Disclaimer: There’s the chance I’m wrong. Both the phone call and the letter could be 100% legitimate. If that’s the case, I don’t know how I’ll feel. It’s the right of Belichick and Brady to vote for whoever they want, and I’m not going to bring my personal feelings surrounding this election to the blog. However, I’ll bring my feelings towards the Patriots to the blog, and if both of them agreed for their endorsements to be made public, I’ll be pretty irritated. Not because of the candidate they’re supporting, but because of the flood of negative attention this will bring. Like I said earlier, the Pats are just getting out from the shadow of DeflateGate. They’re finally getting their (deserved) respect back, and this will just land them face first back in the same puddle of mud. Not a great place to be with the biggest test of the season coming this Sunday.)

(EDIT: The town of Brookline just shared this photo. Turns out Brady did vote yesterday via absentee ballot. However, the ballot was turned in at 10 A.M., a couple of hours after his interview on WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan.)




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