Grim Sunday: Lewis, Mason, Vollmer All Hurt


This is definitely not the kind of news I wanted to start my Sunday afternoon with. Before this news broke I was planning on posting something quick about how excited I was that we’d be seeing real football in just a couple of weeks. Now I can’t, thanks Jim McBride.

Seriously though, this is bad news. Up until this point, we’ve been lucky. With the amount of reports we’ve heard from Foxborough of guys getting banged up in practice, this was imminent. I figured something major would happen, but I’d be lying if I said I expected something of this magnitude.

Shaq Mason obviously isn’t a blue chip player for the Patriots. He’s coming into his second year, and to be honest, had a lackluster rookie campaign. Sure, he had his moments, but as a whole, I wasn’t terribly impressed. His injury is not devastating.

Sebastian Vollmer’s on the other hand, is.

Vollmer going down doesn’t help. He isn’t a Pro Bowl right tackle, but he’s solid. That’s just what the Patriots need. Solid offensive line play. We all watched the AFC Championship Game in January, we saw our o-line get torn to pieces. Obviously bringing Dante Scarnecchia back helps, but losing Sebastian Vollmer is a major blow to this team.

And now  to Dion Lewis.

Through eight weeks last season, Dion Lewis looked like a top flight running back. He racked up yards, touchdowns, and plays that made defenders look straight up silly.  He was only a flash in the pan, though, only playing seven games before tearing his ACL in Week 9 against the Redskins.

Despite the small sample size, Patriots fans have been amped about Lewis for almost a full year now. The prospect of getting him back this year was tantalizing. But it looks like that won’t be happening for a while now…

On one hand, there’s reason to be relieved. The surgery Lewis will undergo is a clean-up operation, and doesn’t involve the ACL he tore last year. On the other hand, this sucks. We are three weeks out from the season opener against Arizona. That, plus a minimum of five more weeks, brings us to Week 5. However, because Lewis would need to be placed on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list, he wouldn’t be available until after Week 6, so no matter what, we’re looking at nine weeks without him.

Unlike the offensive line, I’m not overly-concerned about replacing Lewis’ production on the field. James White is more than serviceable. He played a major role from Week 9 on last season, and proved he could play ball at the NFL level.

I knew this was coming. I didn’t know when, but I knew it was. Like I said, Pats have been getting beat up all summer long, but nothing has been major. There was no way we’d stay lucky all season. I definitely didn’t anticipate something like this, but it’s been said that catastrophes come in threes, so I guess we’ll chalk it up to that.

Hopefully the Patriots will handle these injuries with grace. I expect them to, but you never know.


Go Pats.




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