Gronk Says His Status For Sunday Is “A Coach’s Decision”

Here are the further details I said you’d get yesterday.

In an un-Patriot-like move, Gronk admitted he wasn’t 100% healthy.

Normally a Patriot giving any details about anything would be a shock, but this is Gronk, he’s never been one to mince words.

The most important part of all this is that he is willing to play and believes he’s good to go. If he doesn’t play on Sunday, that will have been a coach’s decision. So if Gronk is ready and the coaching staff believes he is too, he’ll be out there. If the coaches think he’s not, he won’t. It’s to be seen what that decision will be.

But Gronk did assure the media that Jimmy Garoppolo would be ready for Sunday’s game in Arizona.

That’s obviously good to know. If Gronk, one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets, says Jimmy G. is looking solid, that’s all I need to hear.

And like always, Gronk was all smiles. (Hopefully an omen for his injury status on Sunday)

Go Pats.