Gronk, Solder & Cooper Don’t Fly To Arizona (Full Injury Report Included)

Well shit.

It looks like this Gronk injury is worse than we thought.

If what Mark Daniels reported is correct, he did not fly with the team to Arizona, and will not be playing on Sunday.

That means that in his first NFL start, against a premiere defense, Jimmy Garoppolo will be without the best tight end in the league. ES NO BUENO.

At this point, we can only hope that the team is taking it slow with him so he’ll be healthy and ready to go when Tom Brady comes back for Week 5.  But that’ll remain to be seen.

Like Gronk, two projected starting offensive linemen, Jonathan Cooper and Nate Solder did not make the trip to Arizona. Solder suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth exhibition game against the Giants, and Jonathan Cooper has been hampered by a foot injury all offseason long.

The Patriots do not have to declare players ‘out’ until tomorrow, so it’s feasible that Gronkowski, Solder, and Cooper could end up making the trip, and be available, but to be honest, it’s unlikely. Definitely not good news for the Pats.

And there are more injuries beyond those three.

As you can see, Trey Flowers, Shaq Mason, Shea McLellin, Malcolm Mitchell, and Chris Hogan are all listed as questionable.

During the offseason, the term ‘probable’ was removed from the NFL’s injury report vocabulary, so we don’t know who’s status for Sunday’s game is actually in question. There’s the possibility that some of these guys are on the report simply because they have to be.

If I had to guess, I’d say that Flowers, McLellin, and Chris Hogan are going to play. Hogan was a full participant in this week’s practices. That’s a pretty good sign he’s good to go. Both Flowers and McLellin were limited in practice on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, but they traveled with the team and there’s been no major injuries reported for either of them.

Shaq Mason and Malcolm Mitchell, on the other hand, are both dealing with serious injuries. Despite practicing (they were limited), I don’t know how conceivable it is for one guy recovering from a broken hand, and another dealing with a dislocated elbow, to be ready after less than a month. They might be out there on Sunday, they might not.

Just to be clear, all of this is speculation. The injury report, and reports of players not traveling are correct, but everything I’ve presented is just what I expect. As I said, though, players don’t have to be declared ‘out’ until tomorrow, so a lot can change. If things do, we’ll have the news here at PatsMilitia.

Go Pats.

UPDATE: Gronkowski, Solder, and Cooper have all officially been ruled out for Sunday’s game.







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