Here’s Another Update On Rob Gronkowski

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

It’s halftime of the Patriots/Rams game right now. The Pats are up 17-0 and I’m feeling pretty good, but to be honest, Gronk is still on the mind. Martellus Bennett just dropped a touchdown pass that I’m sure Gronk would have caught and it’s hard not to think about him.

However, during the FOX pregame show, Jay Glazer gave us this update on big #87.

I know I’ve been pretty adamant about the fact that Gronk should probably consider hanging them up as a result of his third back operation, but hey, if he’s committed to coming back next year, I’m all in. I love the guy and I love watching him play football. It sounds like he’s in good spirits and more than ready to put the work in to get back on the field. On to 2017.

Go Pats.


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