I Don’t Care That People Finally Realize DeflateGate Was Garbage

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Wanna know a word I hate? Deflategate. Wanna know why? Because I spent two years of my life going toe to toe with non-Patriots fans trying to explain that Tom Brady didn’t do anything and that the whole thing was a goddamn witch hunt. But guess what — no one believed me. They all said Brady did it, and when they thought differently about that, they said he destroyed his phone which meant he was guilty. Not once did someone concede to me that I was right. No one wanted to believe that Brady and the Patriots were innocent. And honestly, I understand it. I hate teams like the Patriots. The Yankees, the Spurs, Alabama football, I hate ’em all. I get why someone would want some shit to happen to the Pats. Do I agree? Of course not. But do I get it? Yes. 100% I get it.

However, now with this DeflateGate 2.0 situation in Pittsburgh, everyone has decided to open their eyes and realize nothing happened on that January day in 2015. The Patriots didn’t do anything, Bill Belichick didn’t do anything, neither did Tom Brady, and now people believe it. But you know what? I don’t want them to believe it. For two years, the entire NFL fanbase outside of New England DESTROYED the Pats every chance they got. There was constant shit talking, accusations of cheating, negation of accomplishment. I don’t want a single person who thought it was hilarious that our quarterback was suspended and dragged through the mud to now side with New England.

I don’t care how much of a revelation they’ve had because of yesterday’s news. I don’t care at all. Yeah, it’s great that they can all see how the NFL is laden with scumbag Patriot-haters, but at one point, everyone else was, too. And because of that, they’re not welcome. They’re not going to champion Tom Brady as he breaks records, or when he’s holding that Lombardi Trophy in Houston, after everything that came out about him for almost two years was negative.

So yeah, I don’t really know why I just went on that rant, but I did. It happened, and it’s definitely how I feel. This is all pretty cliché, but if you didn’t stick with Brady & co. through that debacle, you can’t be there now. You can watch, but that’s about it.

Go Pats.


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