I Don’t Know If You Noticed, But Tom Brady Was Incredible Yesterday


Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Yesterday was just one of those days where Tom Brady leaves me in awe.

Without Rob Gronkowski, without Chris Hogan, and with an extremely bruised leg, TB12 went out there and threw for 280YD & 4TD. That’s insane. You take another quarterback’s number one option and number one deep threat away, and they crumble, but not Brady. He rose to the occasion. Put the team on his back and went to work.

And even though that’s not an abnormal occurrence, yesterday was different. In a horribly sloppy game, Brady showed up and made a ton happen by himself. Sure, I could talk about LeGarrette Blount’s big day, or the fact that there was finally a pass rush and five sacks, but Brady’s performance was special, and moreso than normal.

However, I don’t think people are really appreciating it.

Now, I get it, he didn’t throw for 300+ and they were playing against the 49ers, so I guess that could be kind of underwhelming. And I know he missed a couple of throws in the third quarter that he should have made. But everything that he did do cancels all of that out.

We’ve all seen, and heard about, Brady’s newfound ability to move in the pocket. Over the course of the last two seasons, he has moved better than he did in the first fourteen years of his career. Rather than taking sacks, he avoids pressure, and rather than throwing the ball away, he buys time and finds the open receiver. The transformation to his game has been apparent and wildly effective.

Seriously, look at these two touchdown passes.

How many other quarterbacks make that first play? And more specifically, how many non-mobile quarterbacks make that play? I’ve only seen one other guy (2012 Johnny Manziel) spin out of pressure, roll left, and float the ball right to the spot his receiver was running to, all while falling down. But that’s exactly what Tom Brady did.

Then, on the Mitchell touchdown, he was incredible again. Climbed the pocket, pump faked, rolled to his right, and threw a dime as he was getting tackled by a d-lineman. I know I’m swooning, and I know you’re probably sick of it, but other guys just don’t make that play. Sure, they might avoid the pressure, and they might get themselves in position to make the throw, but do they throw the ball with that accuracy? No.

If he throws that ball any lower, it’s broken up. Any higher, it’s broken up or picked by the defender trailing Amendola. There was only one spot where Brady could have completed that pass and that’s exactly where he put it. That, by itself, is absurd, then you add the fact that he was on the run and Ahmad Brooks killed him a split second later, and it becomes utterly preposterous.

It’s not like those were his only two touchdown passes of the day, either. This first quarter strike to Julian Edelman wasn’t too shabby.

Just a kid from Northern California slingin’ it to another kid from Northern California in a stadium located in Northern California. (Bad joke but I had to.)

And then there was this SICK, double play fake, screen pass to James White…

In his first appearance in front of his hometown crowd, Tom Brady killed it. I know we expect him to every week, and he always does, yesterday just felt different. That might sound stupid, or weird, but it’s true. After a couple of strange weeks and an embarrassing home loss to Seattle, Brady took ahold of the reigns and lead this team to victory. Now he’s on to New York and honestly, I feel really bad for Bryce Petty, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or whichever scrub the Jets are going to trot out there to face the G.O.A.T.

P.S. Scroll back up and watch that throw to Malcolm Mitchell a couple more times. That’s the definition of beauty. 

Go Pats.

















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