James White Went On Conan Empty-Handed And Left With A Truck

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

After Super Bowl XLIX, Malcolm Butler received a ton of attention from the national media. After Super Bowl LI, James White has taken over those responsibilities. And last night, he went on Conan O’Brien’s late night show where he was presented with a Ford F-150 as reward for his monster championship performance.

I have never tried to hide my infatuation with James White. In fact, I think I’ve done the exact opposite. I’d imagine that to anyone who I’ve ever talked to, or who’s read the blog, it’s pretty clear I love the guy. He’s been one of my favorite players since he was drafted and I’ve always known he could turn in a performance like he did in the Super Bowl.

That’s been the best part of all the attention he’s gotten since Sunday, too.

To see the guy I’ve always believed in finally get his just due from the masses has been awesome. Sweet Feet has been putting in work since day one but no one has cared. That is no longer the case. He went off in the Super Bowl and now everyone finally understands exactly who he is, and I love it.

Go Pats.





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