Julian Edelman Wins AFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

I’ve been saying since the beginning of the season that Julian Edelman is the key to this offense, and this week, it looks like the NFL agrees.

A career day for @edelman11.

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Jules tore it up on Sunday. He reached multiple career milestones, setting his record for most receiving yards in a game (151), and reached 1,106YD for the season, also a new career high.

Most of his yards came from one play, this 77YD TD reception:

And I know you’ve already seen this play a million times, and from a million different angles, but Jules seemed to think we should see it again, so that’s what we’re going to do.

Obviously the long touchdown catch & run was sweet, but I’m still mesmerized by that block. Michael Floyd absolutely decleated that defensive back, or, as Edelman would say, he was just open field regulatin’. Either way, that d-back is dead, Jules scored, and ultimately won this award because of it.

However, I don’t even think that TD or this award are as important as Edelman’s psychotic behavior. Week in, and week out, this dude goes NUTS. He’s constantly dropping the hardest f-bombs on gameday, and either those sideline microphones are insanely good or Jules is screaming from the deepest depths of his body because they come through crystal clear on TV.

But that’s not the craziest thing this guy does. Each and every time he gets tackled, he gets up screaming at whoever took him down. The tackle could be completely clean, no problems at all, and Jules is immediately in their face. Shit, some Dolphins’ player broke up a pass on Sunday and Edelman got up and headbutted him. Drew a 15YD penalty, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it.

A lot of people would see his behavior as problematic, but I do not. That intensity is exactly what this team needs. Sure, they’ve got it at quarterback, and they’ve got it with some other players, but it’s nothing compared to what their smallest receiver brings. He’s off the wall and I love it.

Plus, he’s one of the most important parts of this team. He can get open like no one else, and that lets Tom Brady do what he does. Every time he feels any sort of pressure, or needs someone to make a big play, Jules is there. I know I’m swooning, but I can’t help it. I’ve been singing his praises for almost five years now, and seeing him get his deserved recognition makes my heart swell.

Go Pats.



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