Let’s Cool It With The ‘Bad Blood’ Takes Before This Game

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

First, Mike Tomlin called the Patriots assholes. Then, Big Ben clapped back at Julian Edelman.

And now it feels like we’ve got some bad blood flowing, but I guess I don’t know why. Or, at least don’t feel it myself.

Sure, Tomlin called them assholes, but like I said in my reaction to that, who cares? Tomlin was fresh off a playoff victory and was pumped. Regrettable things are said in the lockerroom and that’s all that was.

And then with this Edelman/Roethlisberger thing, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal at all.

Edelman’s comments were taken out of context, and Ben responded to just a snippet of what he said. But it’s not like he was filled with fire and brimstone when he did so. He was calm, he said the Rooneys are a great football family (they are), and he pointed to the six Lombardi trophies sitting in their stadium. That was it. No malice, no insults, no shots fired.

Yet, there seems to be this feeling throughout Patriot Nation that there’s some sort of huge conflict here. Now, obviously, there’s a lot at stake in this game. AFC bragging rights and a trip to the Super Bowl are certainly things to feel conflicted about. However, I don’t think there needs to be this overwhelming sense of rivalry here, when it’s simply not a reality. The Patriots have owned this matchup since 2001, and as I said a couple of days ago, are the lion.

Plus, in spite of all this ‘bad blood’, we got this:

So, while we’re all in the trenches fighting with each other, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, you know, the guys who actually matter, have shown nothing but great respect for one another. (This isn’t the first time, either. You can read about other nice exchanges between the two here, and here.) And maybe that’s what we should do, too. Call the Steelers what they are, a good football team, and move on. There’s a ton on the line, and there’s no time to get caught up in all of the bullshit.

Go Pats.


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