Listen To Part One Of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Interview With Peter King

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia


I’m a big podcast guy, and this one between Peter King and Tom Brady did not disappoint.

I just blogged that I’ve done nothing but watch Super Bowl highlights since the game ended, so I’ve seen each and every play a million times and hearing exactly how things went down from Brady’s point of view was awesome. I think of myself as a pretty smart football guy, but hearing TB break down everything to a science blew me away. From his protection calls, to his adjusting of wide receivers, everything is surgical.

But that’s enough from me. You’re here to listen to Brady. So, here’s a link to the podcast: and here’s a link to Peter King’s article detailing the interview if you’re not in a position to listen to audio right now:

P.S. This is just part one of the Brady/King interview. The article covering part two will come out tomorrow morning, and the second half of the podcast will come out Thursday. 

Go Pats.



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