Patriots Divisonal Round Inactives Released (Malcolm Mitchell OUT)

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

The playoffs might be different than the regular season, but most of the inactives are not.

Let’s lead off with our boys, the always-inactives, LaAdrian Waddle and D.J. Foster. Love these two to death. They never play, but never get cut. They must be the greatest practice players of all time. True grit.

Tom Brady’s played in more playoff games than any quarterback ever, and that means Jacoby Brissett will not be needed. As as result, he’s inactive.

Then, we’ve got the gatekeeper of Bill Belichick’s doghouse, Cyrus Jones. I’m surprised he’s still alive after all of the stress he put BB through this season, but I’m not surprised he’s not playing tonight. And I’m not surprised about Jordan Richards, either. However, the Justin Coleman benching is a little curious. Early reports were that there was a jersey hanging in his locker, normally signifying a player will be active. Obviously, he’s not. I don’t think that’s super important, just a little curious.

One inactive I think is important, though, is Malcolm Mitchell.

We all saw what Mitchell could do. As the Patriots approached the end of the regular season, he began to hit his stride — really prove himself to be a legit weapon. But then, in Week 15, Mitchell suffered an injury to his knee, and he hasn’t played since. It’s unfortunate, but ultimately not backbreaking. After seeing what Michael Floyd did against Miami, I’m confident he’ll be able to serve as the big bodied, deep-threat receiver Mitchell was blossoming into. He’s obviously not going to know the playbook from front to back, but he’s been with the team for over a month now, and should be acclimated well enough. Also, despite losing Mitchell, the Patriots will be gaining Danny Amendola.

‘Dola took the last couple games of the season off in order to rest his injured ankle, and it worked. His goal was to be back for the playoffs, and look where he is: back, for the playoffs.

Go Pats.



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