Patriots & Gronkowski Family Release Joint Statement Regarding Gronk + Reactions From Brady & Belichick

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

After the news broke about Gronk’s back injury and impending surgery, everyone was waiting for further information regarding our favorite tight end, and last night, we got it.

Since his first couple of injuries, Rob Gronkowski’s family, or Gronk Inc., has been very involved with his handling. This time is no different. In a joint statement between the Pats and the Gronkowski family, they pretty much said that Rob was cleared to play against New York, re-aggravated something in his back, and that this surgery is taking place for reasons bigger than football. They also said that they do not expect Gronk to be back at any point in the 2016 season.

I’m pretty sure I conveyed this in my blog yesterday, but this is exactly what I expected to happen. To think a guy having his third back surgery, at the age of 27, would come back in under two months to play more of the most violent game in the world, is laughable. I know the above statement kind of left the door open for his return, but I think we all know that’s not happening. It’s obviously unfortunate, but that’s what has to happen.

This is an abrupt change of direction, but during his interview with Westwood One’s Jim Gray last night, Tom Brady reacted to losing Gronkowski.

“You know, it doesn’t help losing great players,” Brady said. “To not have Gronk out there as one of our best players and most dependable, consistent players, not in the lineup makes things challenging for us, but that is what the NFL season is about. It’s about overcoming challenges. We have a lot of good players on our team that are going to need to fill the void and that is a big void left by a spectacular player in Gronk. I don’t think any of us are going to give up what we’re trying to accomplish.

“He’s such a mentally tough person. He’s physically tough. He has a great energy and spirit about him. We’re all wishing him the very best. Nobody wants Gronk not out there. Everybody wants Gronk out there every play of every game. That’s not a reality. We still have a job to do and we’re going to try and go out and do it as well as we possibly can.”

“Everyone is thinking about him and what he’s gone through,” Brady said. “It’s such a physical sport. It’s hard to see people that you care about go through injuries and he’s gone through his fair share. I also know the resolve that he has and that will never change with him. He will be as determined as ever to get back and get better as soon as possible.” (Brady dialogue via

And in just a few words, Bill Belichick did, too.

I would have liked for Belichick to elaborate just a little bit more, but I didn’t expect anything more from him. So, we’re on to Los Angeles, I guess.

Go Pats.



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