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Well, that sucked.

Congrats Rex, you scumbag.

Rex Ryan is my least favorite person in the NFL because of how he has treated his match-ups with the Patriots. The antics, the comments, and the bullshit really get to me sometimes. His teams always seem to stir up controversy and instigate fights and violence on the field. You saw it today even before the kickoff.

Brissett is simply running onto the field and gets a shove from some no name D-bag that starts a scuffle pregame. It’s that kind of stuff that makes me hate the Rex Ryan coached teams. We saw that all the time when he coached in New York with Bart Scott and Darelle Revis, and it carried over to his tenure in Buffalo.

Going into this game I think everyone was confident that the Patriots would just slam the Bills. Rex Ryan is a lifetime 4-11 against Belichick, everyone is healthy again, and they had just come off a 27-0 shutout of a good football team in the Texans. One Pats Militia blogger even said the Patriots would win 89-3 (it was me).

Man was I wrong.

From the opening kickoff it was just a miserable game. Cyrus Jones receives the kickoff, brings the ball out two yards, decides he doesn’t want to run it out and tries to knee the ball down on the 1 yard line. He brought the ball out to the 9 yard line before getting run down by the Bills special teams. That play just gave me a weird feeling, really weird. Historically when little mistakes happen it turns out bad for the Patriots. We saw it last year in Denver and against Philly, and again today.

It was one thing after another that led to the Pats getting shutout.

The first or second play of the game Edelman received a screen pass, that he then turned into a 90 yard catch and run to the 1 yard line. That was called back after the Patriots got caught on two holding penalties.

The defense could not contain the Bills ground attack. Shady McCoy looked like he did back in his Eagles days, just dancing around the stout Pats linebackers. McCoy finished the game with 19 carries for 70 yards and a reception TD, the only TD of the day.

Buffalo played their game today, controlling the ball for a long 36 minutes, while the Patriots offense could only manage a dismal 23 minutes on the offensive side of the ball. I haven’t seen a Patriots offense look that flat since the infamous 2014 Chiefs blowout.

Every time the Patriots would get some sort of momentum going we would see the yellow box that says “FLAG” come across the bottom of the screen. In my opinion that was the killer for the Pats.

9 penalties for 74 yards.

There were a lot more calls that were either declined or negated yardage for the offense too.

The only positive I can really think of is the play of the tight ends. Gronk had his first reception of the year, and Martellus Bennett just ran train when he got the ball. He had one great catach and run for 58 yards that put the Patriots in great field position, then on a 3rd and 1, center David Andrews got called for a hold, again. Brissett then ran up the gut for the first and fumbled the ball on the 15 or so yard line.

Final: 16-0 Bills def. Patriots for the second time in 15 games.

Next week the Patriots travel to Cleveland to take on the 0-4 Browns and also welcome back their franchise QB Tom Brady from his 4 game suspension.

Time to rip shit up, Tommy!

Patriots are getting shutout meanwhile Brady is dropping perfect dimes in Brookline

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