Peyton Manning Is A Square

Good one Peyton. Super funny. I’m rolling on the floor laughing.

I hate Peyton Manning. Honestly one of my least favorite people ever. The part of him I hated most was the football player. I wanted him to fail every time he stepped on to the field.

But the one part of him I didn’t mind was the comedian. His interviews and commercials were comedic. He was always funny.

Not anymore.

That joke he told at Rob Lowe’s roast was trash. There’s certainly some (a lot) bias on my end, I’d die for Tom Brady, but regardless, that’s a bad joke. Not even close to funny.

He’s retired and still finding ways to make Patriots fans hate him. The guy gets a ring because of his defense, rides off into the sunset, and is now taking cheap shots at Brady. Tell tale sign of an inferiority complex if you ask me.

Peyton’s a square.

Go Pats.

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