Preseason Match-up-Week 1

With the first preseason game less than 3 hours away, many fans and spectators are seeking updates both on the Patriots athletes and how this game will go.
Over the past couple of weeks of practice, the Patriots continue to show great skill and advancements as new players and veterans adjust to changes. This season with Jimmy Garoppolo starting as Tom Brady faces a 4-game suspension, the two have bonded and created chemistry with each and every athlete on the team. Brady will not be participating in tomorrow’s preseason game as he allows Garoppolo to adjust for the regular season.


With Jimmy Garoppolo starting several games this season, many individuals are skeptical of his performance. As a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, a small D1 school, he was able to throw over 13,000 passing yards and complete 118 touchdowns from 2010-2013 as a 4 year starter. He was also given the Walter Payton Award in 2013.


The team has been practicing day in and day out to prepare for the upcoming season. Last year was a tough year for the Patriots as injuries struck weekly for what seemed to be majority of our strongest players. These athletes have been given months to recuperate and should be ready for this season. Though, this week during practice, both Rob Ninkovich and Julian Edelman suffered injuries. With Ninkovich facing a tricep tear, he is looking to miss 4-6 weeks of playing time. As for Julian Edelman, a foot injury from last seasons week 10 game against the New York Giants, led him to missing several games up until post season. Edelman was active in practice yesterday as the supposed injury was only a scare. He will not participate in tomorrow’s game as well.


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