REPORT: Jacoby Brissett Injured, What’s Next for the Patriots?

Philip Tor | Pats Militia

It was a normal Friday afternoon. I got out of class, grabbed some lunch with the guys, played some football in celebration of the Patriots win, all was well.

Then I got hit with some bullshit.

Just ridiculous. Can anyone stay healthy? I feel like the past few years everyone has gotten hurt at least once. First we start the year with Gronk, Edelman, and plenty others banged up, then Golden Boy Jr. (Jimmy G) goes down with a shoulder, AND NOW THIS? I was actually pumped to see the Bills get stomped by this kid.

You hate to see injuries, but especially in young guys like Brissett. He led the greatest team in the land to a victory, playing fantastic, then he gets the news that he needs surgery and probably wont be able to play next week. I feel for the kid. A thumb sprain isn’t terrible, but it’s enough to take away his potential last start for the foreseeable future as Brady is coming back week 5 against the Browns. So he will recover fine, just shitty timing in the long run

But now what?

As much as the Bills blow this is the NFL and the Patriots have a giant target on their backs, and its getting bigger and bigger now as they have lost 3 quarterbacks.

It seems as if all signs here point to Julian Edelman, the 8th year veteran who transformed himself into one of the NFL’s best slot receivers after playing quarterback for 4 years at Kent State University.

Would Belichick ever put him in at QB? He was being prepped as the backup this week and has showed us some flashy skills a few years back

#NeverForget last time Jules played QB

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I know its crazy, but the Pats are running out of options. If they are going to sign someone they better do it soon. They could really take advantage of the short week, bring in a QB and give him a solid week to learn a simple offense, go into the Buffalo game and escape with a win. I just don’t know who that guy could be.

Tim Tebow? Mike Vick? Matt Flynn? T.J. Yates?

All ready and available if needed, and right now they are needed at least as insurance.

My last post was about how much I hated people who doubt Bill Belichick, and even though I have no idea who will be starting next Sunday, I know that Bill will find a way to win. He always has and always will.

Never doubt the legend.

Early Prediction: Patriots -89
Bills – 3




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