Reunited And It Feels So Good


When Aaron Dobson, DeAndre Carter, and a slew of other Patriot wideouts were cut, many thought they’d be the ones to work out with Brady during his suspension. That wasn’t the case. Chris Harper signed with San Francisco, Dobson’s trying to get a deal elsewhere, and Carter said no thank you to anything involving New England.

So, instead of those guys, who does Brady call on? His old buddy Wes Welker.

This morning on 650 WQAM in Miami, Welker revealed his plans to throw with Brady this weekend.

“It was funny. I hit him up [because] I’m actually heading up to the game [Saturday], and I hit him up to do dinner Saturday night,” Welker said. “[Brady] was like ‘I’m going to be flying in from Ann Arbor later, but hey, how about that morning we go throw?’ And I’m just sitting there, like, ‘I was just thinking about dinner, but yeah, sure.’ I’ll get over there early and we can throw a little bit.”

Obviously this doesn’t mean a whole lot, but it’s still music to my ears.

One Sunday morning with ol’ #83 won’t keep Tom Brady sharp for an entire month, but knowing he’ll be throwing with real NFL talent puts the mind at ease.

And this isn’t the only way he’ll be helping the Pats this year. According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, Chris Hogan has been pouring over film of Welker, looking to model his game after the former Patriot wideout.

(Check that piece out here.)

If Hogan can produce anywhere close to what Welker did in his time in New England (672 REC, 7459 YD, 37 TD) I don’t think there’s a fan who would complain. Unless he drops a Super Bowl clinching pass, then other fans, and I will complain, a lot.

But let’s not think like that.

Go Pats.










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