The Latest Patriots Hype Video Will Send You Into An Emotional Whirlwind

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Hoooooo boy, do we have another hype video or do we have another hype video?

This one did it for me. The slow Johnny Cash had me locked in and when those final seconds ticked away? Goosebumps head to toe.

Videos that show the progression from all of the bad times, to all of the good ones ALWAYS get to me and this one incited a whirlwind of emotions for your boy. When I see a young TB12 winning Super Bowls, I get all choked up. When I hear all of that DeflateGate (and that dumbass Max Kellerman) shit, I get pissed. And, when Psycho Tom comes out, I get pumped the hell up.

It’s probably super weird that a two minute video has me ready to beat the shit out of a tree like that little girl in those videos, but hey, I don’t control my feelings, they control me. So when the screen shifted over to the Lombardi Trophy, and we heard Tommy say “the next one,”…I’m almost in tears writing about it. (That was the emotional whirlwind talking.)

Go Pats.

P.S. I’ll post my all-time favorite hype video tomorrow before the game. Be on the lookout for that. 

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