The Video Of Michael Floyd’s Arrest For OUI Is Uh…No Bueno

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Welp, this isn’t good.

Michael Floyd, the newly-signed Patriots’ wideout, was arrested for OUI in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday night, and the above video shows exactly how the whole thing went down.

As you can see, it wasn’t pretty. Floyd was completely passed out behind the wheel of his Cadillac SUV, slept through entire green lights, and it took a police officer slamming on his window to wake him up. Then, when Floyd comes to and begins speaking, it’s just a bunch of gibberish. The only correct answer he provided to the officer questioning him was the city he was in. I’m no expert in drunkenness, but I can confidently say that’s not a good look for Floyd.

And, honestly, in the eyes of many, this isn’t a good look for the Patriots. They, like all of us, knew about Floyd’s arrest before they signed him, but they still pulled the trigger anyways. Is there something disagreeable with that? Yes. But am I personally against the move because of this? No.

The NFL is a production-based league. If you can play the game of football at a high level, you will find a home. That’s just the way it is. It sucks, but it’s the truth. Michael Floyd has been a productive player for the first couple years of his career, played in the Charlie Weis offense in college, and fills a hole the Patriots have. Of course the Patriots were going to sign him.

(Plus, if the Patriots didn’t give him a contract and it came back to bite them, either with him playing for the competition, or just the lack of a big bodied wideout, fans across the country would want Belichick’s head.)

Now, I will not dive deep into the whole “do we reward this guy for his actions” argument because I am not an authority in that department. I cannot determine what Michael Floyd should, or shouldn’t have in his life. But, what I can hope, for both Floyd and the Patriots, is that he can stay sober, or out of trouble for the next two months, and that he can be an effective player for this team. I think this group is primed to make a legitimate run at the Super Bowl this year, and Floyd could play a significant role in that.

Go Pats.


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