I just got done posting the Brady’s going to kill us blog and BAM! Videos of Tom Brady at practice appear on Twitter.

I tried to hold in my excitement but I couldn’t.

Was sitting in class watching him sling the ball around and got way too amped. Packed my stuff up and ran out of the lecture hall all the way back to the dorm.

So while I catch my breath, check these videos out.

I haven’t seen this guy on a football field in a month but let me tell you, I’m already smitten. Seriously, heart-eye emojis everywhere.

Everything’s perfect. The warm up tosses, the deep ball, the rollout without a pass. Hell, even him doing nothing was majestic beyond belief.

If this kind of stuff doesn’t make you warm and fuzzy inside, you’re not a real Patriots fan. If you don’t have that tingly feeling and butterflies in your gut, get out of here. This is Tommy Brady. He is back. Nothing should ever make you happier.


Go Pats.


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