“Tom Brady Is Going To Kill Us All”

“Thanks to Roger Goodell,” said the coach, “Tom Brady is going to kill us all.” 

Ho-ly shit. We’ve got opposing NFL coaches saying Brady’s going to kill them.



Rest of the league:


They know. They know it’s over. Tom Brady is coming for blood and will not be denied.

God damn. I thought the Oral History of Belichick was going to bring some of the best Pats quotes I’d read this week, but nothing in there even comes close to this.

“Tom Brady’s going to kill us all.”

Can you believe another NFL coach actually said that? These guys are born and raised with the most intense competitive edge in sports. Coaches are supposed to be fearless, but now they’re out here publicizing their fear of Tom Brady.

I’m kind of acting like I’m super shocked by this, but I’m not. I told you that Psycho Tom was coming, that Roger Goodell created a monster. I was right, and opposing coaches recognize it.


Go Pats.



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