Tom Brady Named AFC Offensive Player Of The Week

Tom Brady just won AFC Offensive Player Of The Week (his 26th) and Roger Goodell isn’t sleeping a wink until February.


Seriously, after Goodell made sure Brady was six feet under, after he threw shovelful after shovelful on that grave, Brady comes back from the dead, murders the Cleveland Browns and wins an NFL sponsored award.

Now before you give me that “But Taylor! He played against the Browns!” realize I don’t care. They were on the schedule, the game was to be played. We’ve seen a million scenarios where a team rolls their helmets out there thinking they’ll win because they’re the better team on paper and they lose. This is the National Football League, everyone’s there for a reason.

Anyways, the Browns weren’t even at the bottom of the pass defense rankings. They were close, but they weren’t at the bottom. And up until Sunday, they’d only allowed 270.5 YPG to opposing quarterbacks. Carson Wentz threw for 278 Week 1, Joe Flacco threw for 302 in Week 2, Ryan Tannehill for 319 in Week 3, and Kirk Cousins for a measly 183 in Week 4. So don’t tell me this all happened because the Browns suck. It’s definitely part of it, but none of those guys went out there and threw for 400.

And also remember Tom Brady hadn’t played football in a month. Those throws on high school football fields weren’t the same as an NFL defense. I don’t care who the opponent was, for a guy who’s been sitting for four weeks to walk out there and throw for 406 with 3 TDs is incredible.

But winning the award isn’t the best part of this for Brady. Not at all. Instead, it’s the fact that all the trash narratives surrounding him will be gone. The Max Kellermans and Shannon Sharpes of the world will shut up in short order. They’ll see there’s no rust, and they’ll see he’s not hitting that wall or falling off that cliff anytime soon, and it’ll be glorious.

So yeah, that’s that. Tom Brady killed the Browns, won an award, and now he’s On To Cincinnati.

Go Pats.


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