Tom Brady To Return To Michigan


Yesterday, we saw Tom Brady for what could be the last time for weeks.

While he rocked this haircut that garnered a laughable amount of attention,

He certainly didn’t give any details about what he’d be doing, or where he’d be during his four week suspension. In fact, he put on a Belichick-like performance when asked those two questions.

“We’ll see”

Can’t wait for that to become the new hot button slogan for the Pats, a la “On to Cincinnati” or, “Do Your Job.”

Anyways, the details of what Tom Brady can and cannot do came out yesterday…

As you can see, there’s literally nothing he can do to stay involved with the Patriots. These regulations are extreme compared to those given to other players.

Are you surprised?

No. You’re not. This is the NFL we’re talking about. Their witch hunt is complete but they’ll throw shovelfuls of dirt on this grave until it’s a good twelve feet under. And there’s nothing Brady can do about it.

Today though, we did find out one thing that he’ll be doing in the coming weeks. In an interview with Rich Eisen, University of Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh announced that Tom Brady will be in Ann Arbor on September 17th. Brady played at Michigan from 1995 to 1999 and will serve as an honorary captain for the team when they take on the University of Colorado.

Despite only detailing one weekend of Brady’s suspension, this gives a little insight into what he’ll be doing over the course of the next four weeks. The NFL has barred Brady from the Patriots, but I was interested to see how close to Foxborough he’d stay during this time.

Part of me assumed he’d stay local, and as in tune with team operations as he could. The other part of me thought he’d do the opposite. It turns out the other part of me was correct. Brady will certainly keep tabs on the team and be ready for his return, but he will be taking part in non-Patriots activities.

That seems like it’d be a no-brainer, but we all know how Brady is. If he stayed in Massachusetts and trained for a month straight, none of us would be surprised.

Go Pats. (Go Blue.)







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