Troy Brown Puts A HUGE Exclamation Point On The 2001 Super Bowl Celebration

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

Despite being extremely young and having no real memories of the game, Super Bowl 36 is where things started for me as a Patriots’ fan. Brady lead that fourth quarter drive, Viniateri drilled that kick, and the dynasty was on.

Just now during halftime, the Patriots honored that championship team on the field.

Lawyer Milloy started things off with some endearing words.

Drew Bledsoe kept things going.

But both the former safety and quarterback’s addresses paled in comparison to that of Patriots’ Hall Of Fame wideout, Troy Brown.

There aren’t enough positive adjectives to explain how I feel about that quote from Troy Brown. Honestly it makes me feel exactly how I did when David Ortiz said “this is our fuckin’ city, and ain’t nobody gonna dictate our freedom.” Obviously the circumstances were different and Ortiz’ quote was probably more impactful, but god damn whenever someone throws an f-bomb in when they’re speaking to a Boston crowd, I love it. Especially when I agree wholeheartedly.

Go Pats.


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