Turns Out Bryan Stork Wasn’t Cut…

This morning I wrote a blog about the Pats cutting Bryan Stork.

Turns out that was wrong. 

Bryan Stork is no longer a Patriot, that is correct. He’s still employed though. Just now, it will be the Washington Redskins signing his paycheck.

Kind of a surprising move by Belichick & Co. Like I said this morning, it’s odd that the team would get rid of a veteran lineman at this point. But a seventh round draft pick is more than nothing, and that’s what they would have gotten if they cut him.

Also, you can just disregard that whole piece about this being about Stork’s health. I wrote that maybe this was for his own good and he had realized that. Nope. Bryan Stork is as stubborn as ever. Doesn’t care about concussions. He’s going to play football until his brain is a pile of mush. No biggie.

There is another purpose of this blog too…to call out Ian Rapport.

I took his tweet and ran with it this morning. Probably my fault but I’m not taking the blame. Dude tweeted out wrong info and made me look like a fool, so here’s a little warning RapSheet:

I have a very particular set of skills, skills (blogging) I have acquired over a very long (couple of months) career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you don’t tweet incorrectly again, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you. I will not pursue you. But if you do, I will look for you

Neeson Find

(I’m kidding)


Jimmy G. had a real take on this whole thing too.

And I agree with him. It’s tough to see Stork go. I’m not the Patriots brass, so I am allowed to have sentimental feelings. Stork was a big part of that championship team. I never want to see guys like that leave the team. But football’s a business, things like this happen. The Redskins have an aging center in Kory Lichtensteiger so maybe Stork can grab that starting job.

UPDATE: Bryan Stork is now weighing retirement…

SECOND UPDATE: The trade has gone through. 


Go Pats.









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