Until We Meet Again, Tom.

I’m an eighteen year old Patriots fan.

Because I’m so young, I only remember success. I saw three Super Bowl championships by the age of six, and another ten years later. And most seasons in between were incredible too, except one, that being 2008.

Tom Brady went down in Week 1 against Kansas City, and for the first time in my life, someone other than him was leading the team.

Matt Cassel performed well that year. The team went 11-5 and narrowly missed the playoffs, but still, 2008 is the worst Patriots season I’ve experienced, all because #12 wasn’t out there.

Now, in 2016, I’m getting that same treatment.

The situation isn’t exactly the same. Brady won’t be missing the entire season. For four games though, he’s not going to be there, and that kills me.

All offseason long, I’ve been getting more and more amped for this season.

With how last year ended, I can’t wait for the Patriots to get their opportunity at redemption. But it won’t be the same without Brady.

For my whole life, there’s nothing I’ve had more confidence in than our quarterback. Everytime he steps onto the field, I have unwavering faith that he will get it done. He’s done it time and time again. No matter the circumstances, no matter the supporting cast, Tom Brady has won.

I like Jimmy Garoppolo, I really do. He’s been with the team for three years, and has shown obvious progression as a quarterback. In fact, I’m confident the Patriots can go 3-1 with him at the helm, but he’s still not Brady.

After everything that has happened over the past year and a half with DeflateGate, there’s nothing better than Tom Brady dominating. Even if Garoppolo wins all four games, it won’t be as sweet. That sucks to say, but it’s the truth.

I hate to be like this so close to the beginning of the season. Like I said, I’m excited for this Patriots season. I think this is a Super Bowl team (surprise, surprise). I’ve watched all four preseason games closely.

Last night’s especially. I was out of my mind watching TB12 play for an entire half. He probably didn’t need to be in there that long, but regardless, watching him play got me amped beyond belief.

But the second he came out, I knew that was it. I knew that was the last time we’d be seeing him for over a month. When the Pats play the Cardinals on opening night, he won’t be out there, and he won’t be for Miami, Houston, or Buffalo, either.

This might sound weird coming from a guy in a fanbase of maniacs, but this is actually saddening. For just the second time in my life, Tom Brady will not be my team’s quarterback.

Obviously he’ll be back, so this isn’t necessarily a good bye. I know he’ll come back against Cleveland and things will be back to normal. Until then though, things just won’t be the same.

So, Tom, until we meet again…

Go Pats.


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