What To Expect From Super Bowl Media Night

Taylor McCloud — Pats Militia

With Super Bowl week, comes Super Bowl festivities. One of those festivities, media day, or night, as I should say, will be held tonight from 8PM-11PM.

In the past, media night has been a wildcard. We’re given a list of players who will have podiums:

And what happens from there, happens. Even with a tight-lipped team like the New England Patriots, we can’t be sure what we’re going to get.

“But Taylor, it’s just another press conference. Why is everything going to be different?”

Well, let me tell you. In a normal press conference, there are only a few questions asked of the players. They stand there for fifteen to twenty minutes, field a variety of football questions, give just about the same answer for each one, and go on with their day. Sure, there’s the occasional tough question, but the Patriot-specific media knows that they need to keep the questions football related if they want to get anything out of anyone wearing the Flying Elvis.

The national media is not quite the same.

The last time the Patriots were in the Super Bowl, I heard a ton of weird questions. Tom Brady was asked about his favorite gas station snack, Rob Gronkowski was asked about his favorite number, and Bill Belichick was asked about his favorite stuffed animal. But, I have a strong feeling there’s going to be some harder questions this time around. Yes, there are going to be a great number of football questions, but I expect a ton of other topics (most importantly DeflateGate and politics) to be talked about too.

Before Super Bowl XLIX, DeflateGate was in its infancy. It was a big deal, but it’s magnitude then pales in comparison to what it is now. After 2+ years of bullshit surrounding air pressure, possible knowledge, and a four game suspension, I can assure you, there are going to be a ton of DeflateGate questions.

We’ve heard a couple of them already; everyone from WEEI to Chris Berman have asked Tom Brady if there’s any extra motivation because of the whole scandal. People have asked if getting the trophy from Roger Goodell will be sweeter than normal. And, there’s plenty more where those questions came from. Even though it’s an older topic, and so many people want to move past it, DeflateGate will inevitably be brought up numerous times.

Though, I don’t think DeflateGate will be the topic to elicit the most awkward responses. Instead, it’ll be politics. With everything going on in the country right now, I am positive Donald Trump will be a huge topic of discussion all night long. Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady have all been linked to him, and that’s going to be brought up. I don’t know in what capacity, but I am sure it will be. Robert Kraft doesn’t have a podium, so we won’t hear much of what he has to say, and Bill Belichick will literally sew his mouth shut before he mentions anything other than football this week. But, Tom Brady will be treated differently. Even though he’s been vocal about not agreeing with everything that has happened, and has adamantly expressed that he doesn’t want to talk about the political world, he’s going to get questioned about it, and it’ll be interesting to see how he responds.

However, that’s not what’s most interesting about media night.

Although he wasn’t given a podium, Martellus Bennett will be a star tonight. He’s going to be on the field, mingling with the media, and I can guarantee we are going to get some golden quotes from him. All year long, we’ve been blessed with some of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard from the Patriots’ lockerroom, and those have come from postgame interviews with local media. Can you imagine what he’s going to say to a stadium full of people looking for comedy? Because I can, and I can’t wait to hear it.

Go Pats.


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